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Leading students to Jesus, Connecting students to each other

Compassion Students

Compassion Student strive to be the place students, age 12-18, want to come. A place where they are connected with other students, connected to a a Small Group Mentor, and most importantly connected to God. We don't take the time we have together lightly. We're reaching the next generation!


We would love to see you and your student join us! For specific times and locations find a Compassion Church near you.

Your First Visit

Here's what to expect when visiting Compassion Students for the first time:

First, look for our Compassion Students VIP banner. That's you! You're a VIP. One of our student leaders will meet you there and get you connected. It won't take long to meet other students before we start large group and then break into small groups. We believe that the most important time during our service is when we break into small groups. Why? You get the opportunity to connect with other students in your grade, grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus through discussion and being connected to a Small Group Mentor.

Meet our Student Director

Bri Lacy is a 5th grade teacher at a local public school. She loves being creative in the classroom! She is passionate about building Compassion Students up and letting them know they are not alone! Being a student can be hard, but she loves seeing how God can bring such a wonderful group together to share in His word! She loves seeing their lives changed through worship. In her spare time, she enjoys CrossFit, hand lettering, and taking pictures! She played soccer in college and loves feeling like part of a team! One of her favorite past times is visiting family and watching younger siblings in all their extra-curricular activities.

Frank Worthington - Bri Lacy Student Dir
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