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Meet our leadership

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Jeff Lynch - Lead Pastor

Jeff Lynch has been in full-time ministry since 2005. He began as a youth director, then a discipleship pastor, and was able to lead a team, as a Pastor, to launch Compassion Danville. He believes, "The world doesn't need more religion. It doesn't need more church folks. The world needs people who are following Jesus to the best of their abilities AND are leading others in following Jesus.

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Jackie Lynch - Executive Director

Jackie Lynch is our Pastor’s wife ❤ she is also the executive director of our location. Jackie is passionate about every person that walks throughthe doors of Compassion. She’s so passionate that she will chase after you in the parking lot. She’s a small group leader and loves to be involvedin women’s ministry. Jackie and Jeff have 7 kids together and 4 grandbabies.

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Wes Chilton - Online Campus Pastor

Wes Chilton has had a calling for ministry ever since he got saved at 17 and since then he’s been serving at any capacity he can but primarily in Kids and Student Ministry. Wes just recently stepped into this new role as The Online Campus Pastor. Wes, 32, is a Danville, VA native, married to his lovely wife Karen, and they have a beautiful little girl named Charlotte.

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Elliot Davis - Worship Director

Elliot Davis is very passionate about his relationship with Jesus and how much the Lord has blessed him and his family. Elliot has a big heart for kids and sports. He has been coaching kids of all ages for 20 years and most recently at Averett University. Elliot is a prime example of a servant of Christ, with his serving experience starting in the Marine Corps in 1995 until 1999. He has been serving in Ministry for 11 years. He is married to the beautiful Monica Davis and they have seven beautiful kids: Brianna, Jamonica, Elliot Jr., Kenrick, TJ, Emmanuel, Micah.

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Katie Thornton - Kids Director

Katie Thornton is a wife and mother with a true heart and passion for sharing the message of Jesus with children of all ages. With an educational background in psychology and more than 20 years of student and kid ministry, she brings experience to the table. However, more important than experience or degrees, is her real desire and purpose to see kids come to know their Savior. She says often that being a mom and minister is just in her DNA, it is what God created her to be and do. She loves her five biological children and two bonus children fiercely and she strives to create an atmosphere at Compassion Kids Danville where every child will know they are loved by Katie and her team, and most importantly loved by their Heavenly Father.

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Esteban Hernandez - Students Director

Esteban Hernandez loves being a part of teaching the next generations. Serving the children and students where he grew up in California and later serving the children and students throughout NYC. His passion is to teach and show love of Jesus to the next generation. That has brought him to Danville, Virginia where he can continue to show the students that there is hope and his name is Jesus

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Kia Hawker - Connections Director

Kia Hawker has a true servant's heart and desire to connect with everyone. She believes everyone matters to God that and the most important connections start in the parking lot. Kia is married to her highschool sweetheart, Troy, for 33 years. They have two children, Tia and Morgan.

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Kristin Mills - Outreach Director

Kristin Mills grew up in New York and moved to Danville, VA in 2014 after spending 14 years in Florida. Kristin is a Teacher for Danville Public Schools. She has a big heart for kids and outreach. Kristin is married to her awesome husband, Brian, for 22 years. They have a beautiful family that includes 5 children: Megan (32), Zachary (28), Kate (28), Riley (17), and Noah (16).

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Sara Craddock - Discipleship Director

Sara Craddock and her family have been attending Compassion Church Danville since October 2018. While God has been a huge part of Sara’s life from childhood, she has felt Him calling her more in recent years to disciple others through leading and facilitating small groups. It is through small groups that Sara has seen life change…not only within herself but within her family and among her friends. Sara loves people, and she strives to show Christ to others in everything she does. She currently works full time at Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services where she works with individuals with developmental disabilities. Sara lives in Danville, Virginia with her husband of 15 years Brent, her almost 10-year old son Will, and their cat Cleo

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Ryan Allen - Safety & Facilities Director

Ryan Allen is relatively new to ministry but he and his family has been a part of the Compassion Family for the past 2 years. Originally from the Richmond area, he relocated as a teen where he graduated from Tunstall High School, and later attended Averett University. He is married to the love of his life, Tye, and they have 4 beautiful kids, Vinnie, Mauricio, Olivia, and Avery.

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Angela  Fitzgerald - Chief Accountability Officer

Angela Fitzgerald lives in Gretna with Ed, her husband of 30 years. She’s the mom of two adult children, Victoria and Eddy. She’s a 1992 graduate of Averett College, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Angela currently serves on the Count Team and has been a Celebrate Recovery Step Study leader for several years.

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Baylee Lynch - Online Production Coordinator

Baylee Lynch is the daughter of Jeff and Jackie Lynch. Baylee has a heart for kids, students, and enjoys the creative side to ministry. Baylee serves in many areas of our church. She not only serves as Online Production Coordinator, but also as a teacher in Elementary Kids Ministry, and a Small Group Leader in our Student Ministry, too.

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